Diamond Disc Dogs is a team of highly trained dogs and their trainers performing exciting tricks for audiences everywhere in Canada. The dogs truly love working together and performing. During their off-time, the dogs relax and enjoy country living.


Axel is a young blue merle border collie his special talent: Being petted!


Kobi is a rescue boy, he’s a greyhound/malinois cross. A lurcher and a gentle giant. His special talents include: tricks, frisbee, and mushing.


Pretty Penelope is a border collie girl whose special talents are frisbee and mushing. Penelope performs a frisbee freestyle routine in our large performance area.


Rufus, (aka The Jumping Rescue Dog!) is an amazing red border collie rescue who is the show’s balancing specialist!


Our Spryte is a white and blue merle border collie boy. He has one eye that is half blue! His special talents are tricks, frisbee, mushing and agility. Spryte loves children, and can be seen happy in the middle of them during the meet & greet!


This is our senior mother and daughter team. Both these talented ladies are border collies and are amazing at frisbee, agility and performance tricks. They just love to be petted and are favourites at the meet & greet portion of the show.